The Kalaimoscope Team

The Team
Dr. Yannis Kalaidzidis | Prof. Dr. Marino Zerial | Dr. Michael R. Alvers

When science meets business sometimes a great product evolves. Today Kalaimoscope version 8.7 is a professional image analysis tool for evaluations running on a Laptop through such high throuput analysis experiments running on a super computer with 3000 CPUs.

Prof. Dr. Marino Zerial, Director at the MPI-CBG is happy to see the further development of intelligent software solutions urgently needed for today's high-throughput image-based experimental data. "For us it is essential to be able to extract more information from the new generation of image-based screens that are providing such an exciting opportunity to better understand biology as well as discover new and better drugs. Sophisticated software is an essential tool which allows us to analyse and make sense of the huge datasets as well as reveal hidden and unexpected interconnections" says Zerial.

Dr. Yannis Kalaidzidis

Scientist and senior software architect understands scientific needs. He is the brain behind kalaimoscope.

Prof. Dr. Marino Zerial

Professor at the Max Planck Institute for Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden. Marino Zerial is one of the leading scientists working in the field of molecular cell biology. His research interest focuses primarily on the molecular mechanisms underlying transport processes in cells. In 2006 Dr. Zerial received the Leibnitzpreis, Germany's most prestigious research prize awarded.

Dr. Michael R. Alvers

CEO of Transinsight, the company which markets the kalaimoscope software suite.